Asset Tokenization Platform

What is an Asset Token or Asset Based Tokens ( ABT )?

With the emergence of Blockchain, the concept of ‘Tokenization Blockchain’ is becoming mainstream. Lets go back a little and start with Cryptocurrency. The era of crypto witnessed many coins being born ( Bitcoin, Ether, Neo, Zcash etc. ). It became clear to the world that anyone can create a coin based on an algorithm and pre-defined logic ( There are 4000+ coins at this moment ). This trend shifted to people creating Utility tokens, which are again a cryptocurrency that was used to facilitate an event or transaction in a business logic ( Ex: XRP is used to transfer money across borders ). These coins or tokens were priced and traded. This gave launch to something called the Initial Coin Offering ( ICO ).

But then many ICO’s crossed the barrier of being just a Utility token, to being a share of the issuing company. The regulatory bodies across the globe took notice and started issuing strict warning on this. So, was born the Security Tokens. These Security Tokens were created with the prime Moto of issuing shares or stocks of the company. It followed all regulations the bodies like SEC required. It gave rise to the Security Token Offerings ( STO ) via. Which people were able to raise funds for their business idea from across the globe seamlessly. Think of it like a normal IPO, but more scalable in nature.

As Security Tokens and STO became a trend, there was more research going into tokenising more assets. People wanted to tokenise other things like Commodities, Real Estate, Gold, Agriculture yield, Art, Credit Card… anything …you name it. Soon was born the concept of Asset Tokenization. These tokens were backed by real world assets. They were called as Asset token or Asset Based Tokens (ABT). Investors who bought the Asset Tokens were given Proof of Asset Tokens which they can hold or trade these tokenized assets in Asset token exchanges. Also was born the trend of Token Generation Event (TGE) or Initial Token Offering (ITO). Since any Asset of any form was tokenised, this trend also got to be known as ‘Tokenizer for X’ or ‘Token for X’ ( where X can be substituted by any Asset or commodity etc. ).

How does Asset Digitization work?

In the modern world, digitizing assets of any type is possible in a snap. The Asset can be anything ( Real Estate, A High Rise, Apartment, Gold, Art, Agriculture, Cannabis, Textile etc.). Using an Asset Tokenizer, you digitize the asset by splitting it into any number of Asset Tokens. Once the Asset Digitization is done, you can price each asset token and sell it. Using an Asset Tokenization Platform, you can sell the Asset Based Tokens ( ABT ) to investors world wide.

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