Cryptocurrency Exchange Script


Cryptocurrency exchange script is a specifically designed set of codes that enables the proprietor to create a customized cryptocurrency exchange software. It is the base through which a seamless exchange platform can be created. We at Crypto Soft India create cryptocurrency exchange by providing unparalleled script solutions, right development and post-launch support.

Our exchange script ensures that all the required “order” trading functionalities are embedded in the software. Right from End-to-end customization to bug-free support, we provide the entire package for the right cryptocurrency exchange script. We are one of the earliest adopters of Blockchain technology and we have immense knowledge and expertise to create the perfect Cryptocurrency Exchange script for you.

Accelerate your business by making more sales with better performance

We’ve built Crypto Soft India with a very precise objective which is to help both Buyers and Sellers accomplish their goal effortlessly and securely.The entire layout of this Cryptocurrency script is made to facilitate trading for even a user who has nill knowledge on Bitcoins.

Top Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script:

Atomic Swaps:

Users can swap coins among themselves using advanced Escrow methodologies. Without the need of a trusted 3rd party, a Smart Contract does the job.

Liquidity management:

Integrate Liquidity providers and make your order book busy from day 1. The built in ‘Exchange Remarketer’ handles liquidity to full-fill every Buy-Sell order in the exchange.

Mobile Apps:

You also get an elegant, sleek and powerful Mobile app. Your users can Buy-Sell-Trade crypto on the Go effortlessly with this sleek and secure mobile app.

Admin Panel:

A Secure and Advanced Admin panel for you to control your Cryptocurrency exchange end-to-end.

P2P Exchange option:

Apart from having the normal Exchange features, this incredible script also has P2P exchange option.

Hot & Cold Wallet:

This powerful Cryptocurrency Exchange script comes with a built in Hot Wallet. The coins can be easily extended to a Cold Wallet.

Order Book:

A sophisticated Order Book module that helps your users to easily track and check all Open orders, History, Trasactions etc. on just a click.

Buy – Sell:

This facinating Bitcoin exchange script offers a seamless and secure channel for your users to effortlessly Buy, Sell and Trade cryptocurrencies.

Why Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

Quick Installation of Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading script.
Get a Powerful and Dynamic Order Book.
Get a reliable ‘bitcoin exchange script’ to kick-start a successful exchange.
Start an Exchange similar to Binance | Coinbase | Localbitcoin.

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