Cryptocurrency Ride Hailing App Script

What is a Cryptocurrency powered Ride hailing app script?

Ride sharing or ride hailing a cryptocurrency poweredpps are an easy way for consumers to book a cab immediately at their convenience. A Cryptocurrency powered ride-sharing app script makes it easier to offer cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. Using this ready-made full featured script, you can start a whitelabeled on-demand taxi hailing service in any country, within a short span of time.

How the cryptocurrency does powered ride hailing app script work?

The cryptocurrency powered ride hailing app script has a driver partner app and a user app for the customers.

Once a user requests to book a ride using the user app, the request is sent to the taxi partners within the user’s nearby radius. The driver will have the option to Accept or reject the trip. If the driver chooses to accept the trip, he/she will see the user’s pickup location.

After reaching the customer’s location, they can notify the user that they have reached the location and waiting for them.

The User board the cab and the driver marks them as boarded on the cryptocurrency powered ride hailing app (iOS or Android) and the trip starts

Once the trip completes, the fare is calculated based on the distance travelled, base fee and tax parameters. The final fare is displayed on the customer and the driver app.

The fare displayed is in cryptocurrency and they can pay for the ride using the cryptocurrency wallet.

How does the payment flow work on the ride hailing app script?

For each ride taken, the user would have to pay the driver using Tron cryptocurrency. For example, If the user wants to add $100 worth of Tron tokens to take a ride, he would purchase the Tron cryptocurrency (TRX) using the already integrated Braintree payment gateway and the TRX tokens matching the price paid would be transferred to the user’s wallet from the administrator’s. The user can then use it to pay for his trip once completed.

What are the features of the Cryptocurrency powered ride hailing app?

Ride now or Ride later: On the ride-hailing user app, they can book a ride, right now or choose to schedule a ride at a future date and time. In the case of scheduled rides, the system starts searching for a driver an hour ahead of the schedule, if they accept they user is notified of it.

Google map Integration: Google map is well integrated in all the apps, the driver and the user can both see the route details on the app as they take the ride.

In-app notifications and Push notifications: Even if the app is not opened, the new ride request notifications can be seen by the driver and any type of cryptocurrency poweredp statuses can be seen by the user. So they don’t miss out on any important notification.

Accept / Reject: Drivers can accept of reject the new ride request on the app easily, they get a visual as well as an alert sound when a new request comes in.

Away Mode: If the drivers are not available to take new requests, they can activate the Away mode. They won’t be shown as active and they won’t receive new requests till they turn it off.

Call Rider: Once a trip is booked, the drivers can call the rider if has any questions. Requires a Twillio account.

Chat with rider: Driver also have the option of chatting with the riders instead of calling.

Animated Splash screen: A quirky, default animated splash screen with a moving car animation is available on the user app (android and iOS apps.)

Trip History: The user and the driver can both see the trips they have taken in the past to review it.

Detailed Ride History: The cryptocurrency powered ride hailing app script has a detailed ride history receipt to show the pickup point, destination, distance, driver name, vehicle name and fare breakdown.

Fare breakdown: For trips completed, the user and the driver get the fare breakdown for the trip that was just completed. In an understandable format.

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