How Does this blockchain Powered Money transfer App Work?

Users from across the globe register in your app. They can transfer money to each other instantly. Here is a simple user journey for your understating:

 John( U.S ) and Smith ( France ) are Registered Users in your Money
Transfer App.

 John wants to Transfer $1000 to Smith.

 John Logins to the App > Deposits $1000 inside his account using his
Credit Card. The fund shows up in his wallet inside the app.

 Then he keys in the Mobile number of the person, he wants to send
$1000 to. In this case he enters the mobile number of Smith >
Immediately Smiths profile shows > He chooses it.

 He enters the amount he wants to send ie. “$1000” and hits the SEND

The $1000 gets converted to Cryptocurrency ( Stellar XLM coins ) > Gets
deposited in the wallet of Smith.

 Smith gets a notification on receiving EURO 880 ie. $1000.

 Smith clicks Withdraw > The Cryptocurrency gets converted to EURO and
gets deposited in his account.

As the App owner, how do I make money?

There are 2 lucrative revenue streams available in this blockchain powered Money Transfer app:

Fee for each Transaction: In the Admin Panel, You can set a %age of
commission for each transaction as the fee. Whenever the users transfer
money, this fee is applied automatically for each transaction. You make

Commission on Buy / Sell: Whenever Fiat money gets converted to Crypto –
and- Crypto back to Fiat money, there is actually a BUY/ SELL function
happening in the backend. And you can fix the Buy/Sell rate from the Admin
panel. Based on the profit margin you require, you can set the Buy/ Sell rate at
the backend.

Top 4 Reasons to buy this Blockchain powered Finance App Script:

Cross Border / Cross Country Money Transfer has always been an un-
solved issue. Even now it involves extensive documentation, costly
transfer fees, Time consuming process etc. Users will be more than glad
to use your App which solves all the above issues, and provides a low
cost, quick and hassle free money transfer.

With Cryptocurrency in picture, experts anticipate FINTECH to boom like
never before. This incredible and readymade Finance App can get you to
start a Blockchain powered Fintech business instantly.

Done on React Native, this powerful Money transfer App comes with an
incredible layout and design. It is available for both IOS and Android. The
backend is done on Node JS and Mongo DB. For Free , you get the full
source code of this incredible system with perfect documentation.

Every VC and Investor out there is looking for a Blockchain powered
FinTech idea to fund. People are getting funded for just telling out an
idea. Use this Ready-made Software and show them a working MVP and
get funded instantly!

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