Smart Contract Based Bitcoin MLM Software

Multi Level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing, is one of the famous business models in the market. The basic concept of MLM has been to create a win-win situation for MLM companies and participants of the MLM program. However, the traditional business model has its share of disadvantages. The lack of trust is one major factor. This is a result of centralized authority and not-so transparent procedures.

That’s where Bitcoin MLM created an interest in the market. By moving the MLM business to a decentralized blockchain and using smart contracts to automate transactions, business owners can provide users with a comprehensive platform where mutual trust and growth are possible.

What is Smart Contract?

Smart contract is a smarter approach in digital asset or crypto currency transactions. Smart contract is a pre defined set of codes or the program runs top of blockchain and at some point it automatically validates a condition whether its met or not and it determines if the condtions are met the asset should go to one person or back to the other person, or whether it should be immediately refunded.

Smart contracts have the ability to increase effectiveness and efficiency, moving those in charge of facilities from a function-centric to a data-centric position.

What a Smart Contract is and Why it is Important

The first step to investing in something is to understand what it is and why it should be used. A smart contract is a computerized code that is programmed to automatically execute a transaction as long as it satisfies the criteria mentioned in the program. Smart contracts are used to automate and enable peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions among users and increase the transparency and efficiency of the platform.

Reasons to build Bitcoin MLM software

Here are a few reasons why businesses can choose to build Bitcoin MLM software:


Bitcoin MLM software is built on Bitcoin blockchain, making it completely decentralized. With no human involvement, Bitcoin MLM software solutions put users in complete control of their funds, giving them the confidence of autonomous and secure transactions.

Immutable Smart contract

The immutable smart contract performs all of the calculations on the platform. It means that the smart contract based MLM platform is tamper-proof and immune to any kind of changes or amendments.

P2P transactions

The integration of a smart contract into Bitcoin MLM software drives peer-to-peer, automated transactions between platform users. The funds are automatically calculated through the smart contract and instantly transferred to users’ wallets.


At the core of Bitcoin MLM software is blockchain technology, which makes human functions redundant and the platform completely risk-free. The smart contract integrated into the system ensures that users’ accounts cannot be blocked, deleted, hacked, or changed by anyone.

What are the benefits of our smart contract mlm software?

Benefits of smart contract mlm software while you implement it in your MLM platform is listed below.

User Side Benefits

  • Creates trust over P2P transactions

  • No Need to wait for every transactions

  • Very Simple and Efficient for Funds Transfer

  • Can Gain Profit for your referrals

  • Low Entry fees to enter into MLM platform

  • Users will rewared according to their platforms (TRON, Ethereum, EOS)

  • Enhanced security over Decentralized Platforms

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