Whatsapp clone script

What is a Whatsapp Clone Script?

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app that connects billions of users around the globe, primarily, the messaging app lets users text/message each other through its app and over the years, they have added the ability to make a voice call and video call. Whatsapp clone script allows anyone to easily start an instant messaging app business. Getting a Whatsapp clone script empowers you to start the business quickly as it is ready-made and gives you to advantage of saving development time.

How does the Whatsapp Clone script work?

The Whatsapp clone script allows the users to message and pay each other wherever they are located. The user signs up on the platform using their phone number, they can choose a profile picture, else they can proceed.

The app then asks for their permission to sync their Phone’s contacts list to check if there are any other users who have signed up on the platform.( You can only message users who have signed up on this WhatsApp clone script platform).

How is this Whatsapp clone script different from others?

This Instant messaging app script was built with Cross Border payments in mind. We wanted to empower forward thinking entrepreneurs who were keen on building Cross-border payments simple, reliable and faster. Plus, we wanted to combine the ease of getting people across different countries closer.

We harnessed the power of cryptocurrency powered payments so any entrepreneur starting their business can get started right away! and The buck doesn’t stop there. If you’re building some other cool features over it to make the platform truly yours, you may, with the robust API layer provided.

Why Cryptocurrency powered payments are the next big thing?

Blockchain (cryptocurrency) powered payments platforms offer accelerated secure, low cost, near instant international payments transfer faster than traditional systems. The validity of the transactions are verified by the globally distributed ledger that apply a consensus mechanism.

How does the platform owner make money by using whatsapp clone script?

As a platform owner, you can earn a small commission fee for every transaction done on the platform. It’s technically revenue on Auto pilot. As you onboard more users, your revenue increases. Stellar blockchain is used so as to minimize the transaction fee that you will incur, also stellar plans to reduce the network/transfer fee to 0% in the near future. We are constantly identifying newer revenue channels to add into our products, that’ll help thrive the business.

What are the features of the Whatsapp Clone script?

Real-time Messaging Protocol : Real-time messaging is powered through the use of Firebase and Php. Firebase is a Google backed technology that most modern enterprises use to build real-time communication apps.

One on One Messaging: Based on the phone number the user can chat with other users easily through the intuitive chat interface on the mobile app.

Groups Messaging: Your users can create interest groups, add and message others to the groups. Groups is an essential feature that brings people together for a myriad of reasons.

Pay friends abroad with Cryptocurrency powered payments : With the Crypto Payments capability, make it convenient for your users to pay each other across the border. Cross-border, fast and low fee transactions now made simple using Cryptocurrency.

Broadcast Messages : Your users can broadcast messages to other users in their contact list, broadcasts can be used in times of emergency or for sending out a quick update to people who do not want to be part of any group.

Sticker Store (Upcoming): Sticker packs can make it more fun and engaging for users while having a conversation with others. Sellng stickers is also another revenue channel for the platform owner.

Admin moderation tools: If a conversation is reported as Spam or abusive, it will be made available to the admin to take action. They can limit the conversation, or ban the user based on the phone number on the platform.

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