Why is it so important to Pre-Register your Users before Launching?


Start Earning from Day 1: Yes, you read that right. Your current Exchange may be under construction. It may take weeks or even months for the exchange to launch. But be smart enough and device all mechanisms ready to hit the road running when you launch your exchange!

Step 1: Book a domain. Book a simple Server.
Step 2: Install this ready-made Pre-Launch template.
Step 3: Start spreading the word.
Step 4: Lets users start signing up for Pre-Launch benefits.

Once your Cryptocurrency Exchange is launched, all you need to do is send out a mailer or SMS to all your Pre-registered users. They will jump on-board immideiately and start trading!

Start your Actual Business Today: Your business is to Market > Bring in Customers > Make Money. Dont let the technical neusances of getting the Cryptocurrency Exchange up-and-running stop you. It’s the job of the developers to take care of this. Go on, get your Exchange Live and get users to sign-up. These are the people who are gonna pay you once your exchange is up. Go get them!

Raise Investment: Market your Pre-Launch portal and get Users to Sign-up. Take the list of registered users to a VC. Show him the list and tell him about the exchange getting setup behind the scenes. Watch his eyes Twinkle. Get the Term Sheet signed. Raise your Seed Round of Investment!

Get things Viral: This amazing Pre-Launch Portal comes with a built-in Referral Program! Announce the benefits your Registered users will get for each refferal > watch them go out and bring in more customers for you. This is what we call a Viral effect!

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