Fungible Token Development company india

Fungible Token Development

Fungible tokens work fine for tokens that want to have currency-like properties rather than being something unique and valuable it.

Fungible Token Development

Fungibility is the essential feature of any currency — as a means of exchange, a unit of account, and store of value — Fungibility exists for Bitcoin, ZCash, Ether and any ERC20 tokens. If you send someone a Bitcoin, Ether or ZCash, and get one back, you wouldn’t notice any difference. The value is the same, regardless from its provenance.

Cryptographic assets, just like physical assets, can have many properties, on of which is fungibility or non-fungibility. In Economics fungibility refers to the equivalence or interchangeability of each unit of a commodity with other units of the same commodity: one kilogram of rice, one kilogram of gold or other precious metals, one unit of currency like EUR, USD or Yuan, one barrel of crude oil, just to name a few examples.

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